Marble Slab in Ottawa – A Wise Investment in Kitchen Renovations

There is no denying the beauty of marble slab countertops in Ottawa. Their stunning natural shine has added visual interest to homes for decades. Marble has a natural crystallization that occurs during its formation, and this is what causes its marvelous sparkle and shine. This durable stone has been a preferred choice in building material for centuries because it can last a lifetime and has a natural unmatched beauty. In more recent years however, marble has become a top pick for countertops in both the kitchen and bathroom. Its shine and unique designs create a visual impact that is supreme to other countertop materials. The formation of marble naturally causes many different patterns and colours to present themselves. It is for this reason that you will never have identical slabs of marble. You can be comfortably assured that your marble slabs in Ottawa are unique!

Is Marble Right For You?

Marble is beautiful, fashionable and definitely raises the resale value to your home; however, it may not be for everyone or every situation. Being a natural stone does afford marble durability, however it is also porous which makes maintaining it a little more demanding than some stone or laminate options. When used as kitchen or bathroom countertops, care must be taken to wipe spills immediately as they can cause staining, which will be very costly to remove. Also when used as a kitchen countertop, although marble is heat resistant to a certain degree, care needs to be taken when placing very hot objects directly on marble as this can cause irreversible staining that can ruin your investment. Keeping these things in mind when using your marble countertops will help to assure their beauty and integrity for many years to come.

Investing in Marble

If you are in planning to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, you are most likely considering replacement countertops. Although choosing a laminate countertop might be the least costly option, it’s not going to add the same resale value to your home that marble slabs will. Marble shows a return on investment in every application. So much so that many new homebuilders are opting to install marble as a standard option. The cost comparison for marble versus other options such as laminate is relative. Marble costs can start at approximately $40 a linear foot and upwards for slab, or $30 a square foot and up for tiles. Although laminate is clearly less expensive, usually starting at approximately $20 a linear foot, you definitely get what you pay for! Laminate doesn’t carry the same visual interest or durability of natural stone. Marble wins in visual appeal, durability, and resale investment every single time. Keep this in mind when you are considering the material you will use to update the look of your kitchen or bathroom. Marble slab countertops have a look that matches every style. You may change the colours of your accessories, your walls, or even your cupboards over time, but the classic beauty of your marble slab countertops will last forever.